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Helping home users & businesses in the Barnstaple and Bideford area

Since 1981 I've been building and repairing  computers.

Now many local businesses & factories use REVO to sort their computer problems. 

I have kept overheads and profits down, so I'm able to offer amazingly low prices without cutting down on the quality of products or service.

That's why I offer prices lower than the big companies, with the small business second-to-none local back-up and support.


EVO Computers can repair    many mainboard faults.
If you have been told that your laptop is beyond economical repair, get a second opinion at REVO Computers.
Many laptops that have been written off by other repair services (especially large stores) have been repaired for under £50 by REVO Computers.

Home visits
from £35
Workshop Repairs from £12

Option of FREE laptop diagnostics
If beyond economical repair (BER) you have the option of leaving your laptop for spares, rather than paying for the labour.
You might even be offered cash for your BER laptop.

Example repair charges

Toshiba Satellite Laptop -
Fault= Needs more memory
Fix= Add extra RAM. 
Charge £12 + cost of part

Dell Laptop -
Fault= Dead
Fix= Repair DC power socket.
Total charge £24

Toshiba Satellite Laptop -
Fault= Intermittently not charging.
Fix= Repair DC power socket.
Total charge £38

Dell Laptop -
Fault= keeps crashing, running very slow
Fix= Removed multiple virus infections, repaired multiple Windows errors, cleaned OS.
Total charge £38

Packard Bell Laptop -
Fault= not charging battery and needs Windows re-installing.
Fix= Repaired small motherboard problem and re-installed Windows and drivers.
Total charge £38

Acer Aspire Laptop -
Fault= No sound, No DVD Drive.
Fix= Major motherboard repair, fixed multiple Windows errors. 
Total charge £48

HP Pavilion DV9000 Laptop -
Fault= Keeps crashing, no sound.
Fix= Major motherboard repair.
Total charge £56

Sony Vaio Laptop -
Fault= Keeps crashing and very slow
Fix= Backup customers documents, re-install Windows and drivers. 
Total charge £38

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Unibody) -

Screen front glass broken
Fix= Remove broken bonded glass, clean inner screen and fit a new replacement.

Total charge £62.50

Apple MacBook Pro 13 Unibody -

Keyboard not working
Fix= Full dismantle (over 100 screws), fit new keyboard, reassemble and test.

Total charge £94.17
 (note that replacing a keyboard on most laptops would only cost a totally of 24)
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10 March 2022
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